Approach to Therapy


Most people have times in their lives of struggling with difficult emotions, including anxiety or depression.  Most of us long for changes in our lives, and aren’t sure how to make it happen.  We all encounter difficulties and sometimes need help re-connecting with our own strengths, or re-aligning our values and actions for a more fulfilling life.  I believe relationships (for better or worse) impact who we are.  And forming a healing relationship with a therapist can help you work through old hurts and identify who you want to be in the world in this moment in time.

Counseling looks different for each individual I work with, honoring your story and where you are on it.  You might be seeking counseling with specific goals in mind, or maybe it is just out of a general feeling that you aren’t enjoying life as much as you would like to.  I don’t subscribe to the belief that we all should (or even can) be happy all the time; I just don’t find that realistic.  But I do believe that many people feel isolated and alone and that therapy can help you work through some inner struggles towards a more fulfilling life.

My approach to therapy is informed by interpersonal and multicultural theories; acknowledging the transformative potential of the relationship between you and your therapist, as well as the impact of societal and cultural forces in our lives.  I have additional training in other approaches, including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and The Daring Way™, and will adapt our work to fit your needs intentionally and collaboratively with you.

Education & Training

Prior to starting my own practice, I spent four years working in university counseling centers, and I continue to enjoy working with young adults who are exploring their identity and life choices. With a background in international peace and conflict resolution prior to seeking my MSW, I believe that individual challenges are linked with our social environments.  I was drawn to seek a degree in social work because of its emphasis on social justice, and was honored to receive the John Hope Franklin Combating American Racism Award while at UPenn through encouraging my colleagues to engage in honest conversations about race and its role in our lives.  Continuing to explore the intersectionality of oppression and making space to talk about identities in my work with clients remains an important value of mine.  My efforts at addressing racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, ablism and xenophobia are imperfect, but I remain committed to cultural humility and my own personal and professional growth as a white therapist to make space for these conversations.  In our current political climate with amplified hate speech from many elected officials, I am passionate about supporting individuals seeking to make a positive difference in their communities for those most vulnerable, and who are seeking to have hard conversations across differences.  I also seek on-going professional trainings and consultation to stay current in my work.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Peace & Global Studies, Earlham College (2005)

  • Masters of Social Work, UPenn School for Social Policy and Practice (2013)

  • Masters level clinical social work internship at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children (2011-2012)

  • Masters level clinical social work internship at the UPenn Student Counseling Center (2012-2013)

  • Post-Graduate Fellowship in Clinical Social Work at Emory University

    • Employee Assistance Program (2013-2014)

    • Emory University Student Counseling Center (2013-2016).

    • While at Emory I had the honor of co-training and supervising the Helpline student volunteers who provide confidential para-professional peer support and crisis intervention.

    • I also worked in Emory's Stress Clinic, utilizing bio-feedback to help students learn to manage stress, and I developed modules that continue to be used there today.


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Georgia, since 2016: CSW005921

  • Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) in Georgia, since 2013: MSW006096

  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, training by Penn Program on Mindfulness 2013

  • Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work, Member

  • National Association of Social Workers, Member

  • Citizen Therapists for Democracy, Member