Can Shame Resiliency Skills Enable Hard Conversations?

I just camp back from “Courage Camp”, 4 days with about 200 facilitators of Brene Brown’s research on shame and vulnerability.  I was eager for opportunities to talk with other facilitators about how this work on shame resiliency skills might be used to help groups have brave conversations about race and privilege in this country. 

How to Stay Grounded

Many people are experiencing increased stress and anxiety in the current political climate. Individuals across the political spectrum are experiencing the impact of an increasingly divided country. This is causing disruption in relationships, something that may even be experienced as families gather for holidays this time of year. I would love to share some of the best ways to stay grounded!  

(My article, re-posted here, was co-written with Dr. Mahlet Endale and published in the Dec newsletter of Midtown Family Wellness.)

Public Stress and Ending DACA

With the recent news on the pending end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, as a mental health professional specializing in work with young adults, I’m thinking about the implications for additional stress and trauma impacting this community.  I have found a few resources that may help if you or someone you know is feeling heightened stress related to DACA, and discuss the role of public stress which could impact any of us.